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by | Jan 20, 2023 | Explore, Food Factory

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Lab grown chicken is safe to consume

You may have heard about Lab-grown Chickens. I can guarantee that you were surprised when you heard this term for the first time. Lab-grown chicken is a biologically identical product produced in the lab using the cells of a living chicken or eggs. Singapore is the first country to approve a US-based start-up for selling lab-grown meat or cultured meat in 2020.

The experiences people shared about having cultured meat were satisfactory. As they explained the taste of it is a bit savoury and mostly like chicken. The texture of cultured meat is not the same as poultry meat, slightly harder. 

Few surveys present that people are not that thrilled when it comes to shifting to cultivated meat. Very few of them showed interest in tasting this type of chicken. But most people declined to taste it. They are concerned about the taste and different nutrients that live animals have. But scientists say cultivated meat has proteins, fatty acids, growth factors and other nutrients. According to the US safety agency, the Food and Drug Administration has closely examined cultured meat and finally has approved producing this food. They also mentioned that it’s safe for people to eat. 

Growing meat in a lab can be beneficial in terms of reducing food hunger all over the world. Raising chickens and other animals on a farm is costly and it requires hard work. But in the lab, with a chicken cell or tissue, infinite chicken meat can be produced. It will also make a country self-sufficient in food. Most of our lands are being used to produce crops or foods for these domestic birds and animals. The lands that are now being used for growing grains for animals, can be cultivated for growing foods for humans. 

The world can be free from the food problem but before that people need to accept the fact that cultured meat is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

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