Tasty Gaze

In Japan, you might get a little scared after noticing that some unusual eyes are gazing at you in restaurants or bars. If you are adventurous enough, they might be looking at you from the plate from which you are about to eat! Interesting scenario, right? In the eye...

Century Eggs: Thousand-Year-Old Eggs

The name ‘Century Egg’ creates curiosity in our minds. What actually it is? Is it a combination of hundred eggs? Or is the egg a hundred years old? Well, sadly it is neither one of them. The reasoning behind the name comes from the fact that they are preserved for a...

Jellied Moose Nose: The Delicacy of Canadian Cuisine

Hearing words such as coniferous spruce, maple syrup and snow immediately takes one to the country called Canada. However, Canada is also quite famous for its oddities. Among those oddities, the category of bizarre food indeed takes its shining place with its...

Jing Leed: Fried Bugs

What is the one thing among others you like most about visiting a rural area? The sound of the crickets in the night. We all enjoy this closeness with mother nature which we miss in our urban life.  What if I tell you that there is another way to enjoy cricket?...
Snake Soup

Snake Soup

Snakes are limbless reptiles, fearsome animals for some people. On the other hand, it is very tasteful for some others...

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