Why The Diniverse

Why The Diniverse?

The Diniverse is a digital e-magazine includes all the wonderful content of the food universe. Our magazine offers a digital experience to the readers.

We are easily accessible. As a reader you can access our digital magazine at any time by browsing from your mobile phone, and tablets from wherever you are; on the move, on the bus, train, at work, or even in the park! Whatever your preference is, you can access our magazine anywhere anytime.

Our digital interactive feature like a flip book gives readers a realistic experience. We are available online and also in App Store and Play store.


Why ‘’The Diniverse’’ is different than a print magazine?

Firstly we are different than a print magazine because we believe in substantial and waste management, which means going green (paperless) for the betterment of the world. Our platform is flexible and being a digital magazine we are able to interact digitally with our readers and bring more content frequently than a print magazine, without impacting our environment. We are also much cheaper than the print magazine. As we are a paperless platform therefore we can guarantee the best price.

The Diniverse is an interactive magazine, we have the same compelling editorials with galleries as a print magazine but being digital we can provide exclusive videos and interactive graphics images that you won’t find in the print magazine. Some of our digital features are: flip book, podcast, exclusive videos of food content, digital newsletters, notifications system to inform on the latest articles, instant access to exclusive content and access to subscribers club, and many more…!


How does it work?

Once you’ve made the purchase of our subscription or a single edition of The Diniverse, you will get instant access to the contents. Right after the purchase, you’ll get an email with your log-in details. You will be able to log in online or download our app in the App store or Play Store which will enable you to access and view our editions instantly!


Our background

We are a food magazine, in every issue, our readers get a variety of food articles and exclusive content from writers around the world; as such in every edition we select the best content from our top 30 categories, some of which are ‘Traditional Food’, we try to highlight the traditional delicacies of Bangladesh that have been popular since time immemorial.

The Diniverse looks to find the foods that are gaining popularity in different cultures of different regions and are still providing great taste. ‘International food’ contains foreign popular food articles from all over the world. We also cover unlimited ‘Recipes’, and to bring entertainment we have section called ‘Bizarre Food’, which brings some of the most unique and bizarre articles from around the world. We also have ‘Sweet Tooth’ section “Blog’ and many more. You can see the story of all your favourite movies in ‘Movie Theatre! Those who are fond of travelling will be fascinated by the section ‘Travelling’! We also cover interviews of different personalities, various aspects of physiology, as well as the followers of Veganism, who will also get directions.


Why should businesses wants to collaborate with us?

The Diniverse could be an attractive platform for businesses. We get thousands of user traffic every day from around the world. The best and quick way to promote your business.

In our every issue, we are providing advertisement facilities for different business platforms. You can email us: [email protected] or leave a message via our contact us page. Advertisement is the easiest and fastest tool to grow your business. Therefore, you can spread your business through our magazine. The more people know about your company the more your services can be expanded. With the help of our excellent packages, a company not only gets their target customer but be our member also which will take you to your desired destination in near future. Nevertheless, through this online platform, you can attract general people to a landing page where you can get our magazine traffics as yours.



The Diniverse totally a none political magazine and we do not have any tendency to support any particular religion, belief, movements, casts and illegal issues. This is all about a healthy communication in between readers, businesses and The Diniverse.

The Diniverse is a suitable magazine for every age, there is no age restriction. Our readers can easily find and read this magazine by visiting our website www.thediniverse.com or download our app in App Store or Play Store. The Diniverse is available in two languages; Bangla and English.



The Diniverse is owned by Dinebd and published by Mr. A M Yemon. All published content in this magazine is copyright and every part of this may be unique, not reused, reproduced or copied. The editor reserves all the right to adjust any article to conform to the magazine format. We do not represent any particular cast, religion, ethics and movements. The articles, photography contents, de- signs, concepts, artworks, everything is credited. The Diniverse preserves all the rights regarding these issues.

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