Good Morning Cereals!

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Food Factory, Top stories

Traditional Khichuri hobe

Have a healthy breakfast everyday

Crunchy, sweet, and somewhat easy – the most beloved breakfast meal “Cereal”. The easy preparation, quick-to-eat, and healthy ingredients of cereals make them so demanding, delicious, and precious among all ages or all kinds of people. From time to time, cereal production companies have manufactured various taste’s of their foods to fulfill the needs of different customers. In this chapter, we will be knowing the itsy-bitsy facts about cereals, why they are so famous, and how they’ve become so popular!

There are two kinds of cereals. Hot cereals only need a limited amount of time to cook, although they are less common than cold, prepared cereals. In the 19th century, cold cereals came into people’s ideas out of religious beliefs. The American clergyman Sylvester Graham, a fervent supporter of a vegetarian diet, developed the origin of what most of us know as cereals today. Breakfast cereals are processed food made of grains, such as – wheat, corn, rice, oats, and barley. Before everything, the grains have to be washed and checked thoroughly to remove any harmful substances or unnatural materials that can be detrimental to human health. By size and quality, they have to be organized and dried up. After the sorting, the processing technique takes place according to the type of cereal that is meant to be produced. Flakes are produced with grains that are cooked, steamed, and then flattened using rollers. To produce puffed cereals, the grains are first moistened, then heated under pressure, and then rapidly cooled to create the desired puffiness. To make shredded cereal, the wheat is boiled in water to allow moisture to fully penetrate the grain. Granola is made by mixing grain and other ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruits, seeds, honey, malt extract, different flavors, etc., and cooking them as a mix.

Some cereals may be sprayed with a layer of coating with sweeteners, flavors, food coloring, preservatives, vitamins, or minerals. Then the flavor part appears! These crunchy yummy things are dipped into sugar, honey, chocolate, cocoa, or various flavored fruit broth to please everybody’s taste preferences. Besides, nutrition is ensured in these processed foods through vitamins and other nutrients. In the final step, the cereals are sealed airtight properly, otherwise, it will dampen the cereals by losing their crispness and spreading microbial bacteria. So the packaging has to be maintained accurately for the quality control of production.

In the end, cereal becomes your happy breakfast which you pour into your bowl with a hot glass of milk! A spoon full of cereals can bring a big smile to your face and make your day simply great. It is a very good morning! Happy eating!

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