Stop Food Waste Day: A Special Day of Awareness-Raising

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Special Day, Top stories

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Stop wasting food

Food loss has historically been a concern and is still a problem today. Approximately a third of the world’s annual food production is lost or discarded. There has been a dramatic increase in food waste because of widespread ignorance about proper nutrition and storage techniques.

For this reason, Stop Food Waste Day is celebrated, aiming to bring attention to the serious issue of food waste and motivate people to take action to solve it. The goal of Stop Food Waste Day is to reduce the amount of food that ends up in the garbage by raising awareness about the issue and encouraging people to take action to reduce their food waste.

The British food service company Compass Group, one of the largest food service companies in the world, started Stop Food Waste Day in 2017 to reduce food waste by 25% by 2020. Every day in North America, they serve 9.8 million meals and give 250,000 pounds of food to local food banks. According to their survey, 45% of the root crops, fruits, and vegetables grown around the world each year are wasted. The goal of Stop Food Waste Day is to teach people not to waste food and to come up with effective ways to change how people farm, make, buy, and use food. Notably, their calculation has found that 25% of the world’s food production might be enough to feed 795 million hungry people. Soon, they will celebrate annual Stop Food Waste Day on April 23, 2023. PIR—prevent, inspire, and repurpose—is the motto. This day encourages the public and private sectors to focus on initiatives and technologies to reduce food loss and waste worldwide. Reducing food losses and waste is a major priority in a world where the number of people suffering from hunger is rising and tons of edible food is lost or wasted every day. Moreover, the company arranges campaigns and invites those interested in food waste reduction to seek out simple recipes, make a list ahead of time, freeze leftovers, revive wilted veggies, and attend Compass Group events to help spread the idea of food waste reduction.

In conclusion, food waste is a big problem for the environment because more and more people are eating and throwing away food. This makes farms work harder and use more artificial fertilizers. Consuming food in a way that is good for the environment is a long process that requires constant effort, patience, and persistence. Therefore, the goal of Stop Food Waste Day is to lessen the amount of edible food that is thrown away every year throughout the world by raising awareness, spreading knowledge, encouraging participation from the public, and distributing effective, innovative, and creative solutions.

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