Kunafa: A Western Traditional Dessert

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Sweet Tooth

Traditional Khichuri hobe

Kunafa is a traditional Middle East dessert. It tastes sweet, savoury and delightful. This dessert is especially eaten during Ramadan and Eid occasions. In the Arabic language, ‘Kunafa’ refers to the string pastry. Kunafa has been very popular among many Arab countries like Israel, Levant, Algeria, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt.

Many traditional stories reflect that Kunafa was invented in the Syrian city of Damascus, while some other sources say it originated in 15th-century Egypt. One of the top ways to prepare Kunafa, which originated in Nablus, the city of Palestine, in this area, Kanafeh Nablusiyeh is one of the most iconic desserts in Palestine.

There are two types of kunafa. One is ‘Khishneh’, a rough texture topped with shredded phyllo dough called kataifi. And the other is ‘Na’ameh’, a smooth surface ended with ground semolina dough called farkeh. Also, different region uses a diverse variety of cheese like mozzarella, cottage, ricotta etc. The cream is used to make kunafa.

Spread some pistachios before serving

There are variations in the preparation of Kunafa, and different regions make this kunafa on their own created recipe, which represents their culture. This delicious sweet dish is made with shredded phyllo dough used to create long, thin strings referred to as kataifi—layered with cream or mozzarella cheese or ricotta cheese. Then the pastry is generally baked or fried using butter or oil until it becomes crisp and golden brown colour. After that, the pie soaks in orange blossom water or rose water-flavoured sugar syrup. For the garnish, uses some crushed pistachios or nuts before serving.

This subtly sweet dessert can undoubtedly satiate anyone’s taste buds. Kunafa can be the best dessert for the lovely, loving person because this delicious pastry satisfies the sweet craving. This dish’s golden brown and green colour with a soft creamy taste are praiseworthy.

Kunafa is one of the most traditional desserts across the Arab region, which holds power and religious view. In every serving, it represents an honouring of life, union, and love.

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