All the Way from India: Masala Dosa

by | Jan 8, 2023 | International Food

Traditional Khichuri hobe

Dosa is one of the most predominant foods in South India. Most believe that it originated from the Tuluva Udupi cuisine of Karnataka. Dosa is called various South Indian names for the dish, like Dose in Kannada, Dosha in Malayam, and Dosai in Tamil. When Dosa was invented, it was called “Dosha” in Kannada; it means ‘Sin’. It was invented by the process of Brahmin Adiga cook, who tried to make alcohol by fermenting rice. It turned into failed, and he made that rice a batter and started making crepes. According to Brahmin ideologies drinking alcohol is considered a sin; from that perspective, these crepes were named ‘Dosha’. Later this name turned into Dosa.

The Dosa is usually made by soaking rice with fenugreek added to it and black lentils overnight in the water for grinding it to a fine paste. Then, ferment the batter for the whole night. Also, for better consistency of the batter, add curd and water to make Dosa a crispy texture outside and soft inside.

Masala dosa is a fresh, crisp crepe-style fried pancake. Masala Dosa is a stuffed dosa, and stuffing is made of boiled spiced potatoes and onion filling. This savoury, crispy-wrapped Dosa is served with spicy chutney and tangy sambhar. So many variations to this Masala Dosa, like Mysore Masala Dosa, Paper Masala Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa etc.

This is how Dosa is made

This south Indian food is most prevalent in South Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Apart from this, Masala Dosa has also become a staple food in USA and Europe. Indian sub-continental countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc., also like this food.

Masala Dosa is as famous in Bangladesh as in other countries. Bangladeshi people love to enjoy Indian cuisine, and Masala Dosa is one of them. Its neighbour country has influenced Bangladesh’s cuisine. Consisting of taste and flavoursome food in Bangladesh is comparable to Indian food because Masala Dosa is also a popular and delicious dish in Bangladeshi restaurants.

Masala Dosa is an entire meal on its own. Besides, it’s healthy due to fermentation and also very delicious. Its popularity has increased mainly due to its taste and health.

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