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Traditional Khichuri hobe

The most essential spice of every kitchen

Nutmeg is one of the widespread but essential components seen in almost every household worldwide. Most importantly, it has a very substantial presence in countries’ kitchens from the Asian continent. One particular keen spice is used in sweet and savoury dishes and beverages. It enhances and combines all the flavours in the foods it is used in and provides several health benefits that can help us lead a healthy life with a well-balanced diet. At first glance, nutmeg might look like a small rock to people who are not familiar with cooking in general because of its appearance, and it is imposing how such a small element can change the taste of food entirely and in a good way, of course.  

Origin of Nutmeg

Let’s look at the background of nutmeg. We can see that the most primitive evidence of this spice is that it comes from the seed of the nutmeg tree, aka Myristica fragrant, one of the native evergreen trees found in one of the Banda Islands of Indonesia that is the home for two spices at once: nutmeg and mace. While mace is the outer layer made of a red lacy substance, nutmeg is the inner seed which means nutmeg and mace can be found together.

Nutmeg is filled with various mild and sharp aromatic and evocative flavours that might remind people of black pepper and citrus. 

Nutmeg is used a lot more like a grounded spice, but mace is used significantly less.

Uses of Nutmeg

People have been using nutmeg in various ways from the very beginning of time. Apart from using it in curry and sweet dishes, this was also used as a sort of fashion accessory. During the eighteenth century, fashion-conscious men and women and others who did not care about fashion still carried whole nutmegs in small silver graters that would fit into their pockets to consume this spice whenever they wanted and at its freshly grated peak. 

Benefits of Nutmeg

Although nutmegs are pretty insignificant in size, the kernels from that nutmegs are derived have high plant compounds that perform as antioxidants in our bodies. Nutmegs are rich in anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce chronic inflammation associated with hostile health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Nutmegs boost libido, improve blood sugar and also has antibacterial properties.

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