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by | Jan 31, 2023 | Feature

Traditional Khichuri hobe

Directory, when we hear this word, a book bigger than a thick dictionary comes to mind, where various types of information and data are arranged in layers. In this age of technological advancement, this information and data are the world’s main driving force. Dinebd is one such information-based company. Although it started with the largest digital restaurant directory in the country, today, Dinebd has spread to various branches and sub-branches. One of the parts of this unique company is its magazine ‘The Diniverse’. In Bangladesh, there has never been such a big event with food alone. Every month, the magazine is published with a completely unique concept by mixing modernity and thoughtfulness with tradition and nobility.

‘The Diniverse’ is basically a food magazine. Under the joint management of Bangladesh and the United Kingdom, this Bangladeshi food magazine is published online every month worldwide. It is published in both English and Bengali. This magazine is copyrighted by its mother company Dinebd and its publisher Mr A. M. Yemon.

‘The Diniverse’ was first published in August 2021. This monthly magazine is published digitally, keeping in mind the needs of a vast population. But the printed version is going to be published soon. Such initiatives are rare in the food sector of Bangladesh.

Since it is a food magazine, in every issue, readers get a variety of food articles such as: In the section on ‘Traditional Food’, we try to highlight the traditional delicacies of Bangladesh that have been popular since time immemorial. Here you will find the beginnings and descriptions of the foods that are gaining popularity in different cultures of different regions and are still providing great taste. ‘International food’ contains foreign but popular food articles from all over the world. There are ‘Recipe’, ‘Bizarre Food’, ‘Sweet Tooth’ and ‘Blog’ with many more. You can see the story of all your favourite movies in ‘Movie Theatre’. Those who are fond of travelling will be fascinated by the section ‘Travelling’. There are interviews of different personalities, and various aspects of physiology, as well as the followers of Veganism, who will also get directions. 

Various online and offline entrepreneurs and business people are joining The Dinievers’ digital platform day by day. As their business expands by placing ads in designated areas, a large population is joining new horizons. Entrepreneurs who have already joined this initiative, which started in August, have encouraged us, filled us with joy and inspired us by being beside us at the right time. We are grateful to them.

Today is the first anniversary of Dinebd. This is just the beginning of this journey. There is a long way to go uniting with enthusiasm, excitement and joy. Let ‘The Diniverse’ and ‘Dinebd’ pass a hundred years, overcoming all obstacles and opening the door to new possibilities, singing the joy of new life together in unison. Good luck!

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