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by | Jan 29, 2023 | Feature

Traditional Khichuri hobe

In this new era of globalization, people’s busyness is increasing day by day. At the same time, the standard of living is proportional. With each passing day, eating habits are becoming more and more detrimental to the daily routine. The tendency of people to eat home-cooked food three times a day is gradually decreasing. We are forced to rely on extravagant food. But the relief is that the restaurant business has developed according to people’s eating habits, tastes and demands. There has been a change in the restaurants keeping in mind the needs of the people from the middle class to the upper classes of society. The menu of all these restaurants is also varied. Delicious foods of various civilizations are being found all around the country and beyond. As a result, curiosity towards such foods is also attracting people to these restaurants. They are also giving us opportunities for special days like weddings, birthdays, different types of parties, corporate meetings and business discussions.

But the question is about quality. Saying that the number is much higher is having a qualitative effect. Everyone is losing their target customer at the end of the day by giving more opportunities than others. On the other hand, due to limited means of verification, people are also being deprived of finding the suitable place they want. The advent of Dinebd is aimed at rescuing the general public from this dilemma. Dinebd’s path with this strict commitment is to provide uninterrupted information to the people about the right restaurants in Bangladesh.


The purpose of Dinebd is to bring detailed information about the restaurant to the public by bringing the small restaurants scattered in the corners of Bangladesh to the luxurious restaurants on the same stage. Assist the public in selecting restaurants according to different occasions by presenting them as the largest digital restaurant directory in Bangladesh with sincerity and honesty. In the same way, those who are restaurant traders have to create a medium to present the proposed services related to the business to the public.


In this modern world, information and technology are considered to be the most powerful medium. The availability of mobile phones and the Internet has made these things easier. In the midst of so-called reviews scattered here and there on various social media, objective and accurate information remains beyond the grasp of the consumer. As a result, common people are struggling to find their desired restaurants and services through proper screening. The main goal of Dinebd is to provide accurate information to the mass population honestly. Besides, the restaurants help in setting the standards and improving the quality based on intensive monitoring. In addition, by providing informative videos on its own website this company let the public know the real idea.

This venture is not only beneficial to the established business person or a restaurant owner but also can be outstanding to help the newcomer. This company professionally helps to grow restaurant businesses in many ways. They give professional consultancy, material sourcing advice, food safety and restaurant hygiene maintenance training and many more. For this reason, it gets easier for newcomers to know the existing marketplace from the experts. This company helps to reduce business risks, gets target customer, provides effective marketing solution and minimize the break-even period. Starting a new restaurant business and managing it successfully could be difficult. But with the help of the Dinebd team, they could experience groundbreaking success. When the question was asked the CEO Mr Yemon what is your working process? He replied that we believe in ‘Connect, Work, Grow’ together. It is something like that-

Let’s connect – it starts when restaurants buy our membership cards
Let’s work together – We work with restaurants in their development through tailored materials
Let’s Grow – by connecting and working together we help businesses grow and reach their ultimate potential.

Compatibility with contemporaneity:

As the number of restaurant businesses has increased, so has the availability of food, and the risk of food insecurity has also appeared. Ensuring food security in accordance with waste management and government guidelines is a real challenge. To avoid public health risks, Dinebd is investigating these risks on its own initiative and uploading updated information on its website. This will ensure public health security.

Sitting at home in the same place, you can get the documentary of various services like restaurant selection, location, interior decoration, AC, parking, kids zone, smoking zone, buffet, party arrangement etc. as per the demand. Before that could Bangladesh have imagined this timeless solution of getting information by tapping the mobile phone without being supervised from the spot? Save your precious time and reduce your hard work with the help of this innovation.

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