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by | Jan 27, 2023 | Feature

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Dinebd is not just a name, it is something more related to food and food hygiene. If one is talking about food, then ‘Dinebd’ is the first thing that will cross the mind. Everyone is trying to reach heights in the era of development and prosperity.

To cope with time, the eating habits of people are also changing. The tendency to eat at home is decreasing rapidly. Thus the restaurant business is gaining immense popularity. But it is a matter of concern to find one at the right time. 

People are attracted to different kinds of cuisines, concerned about food safety and hygiene, the accommodation system of the restaurants, the food quality, and many other things. To solve it and make it easier for every food lover, ‘Dinebd Listing’ is the solution. From ‘Dinebd Listing ‘, you will be able to find your desired restaurant.

What is Dinebd Listing?

Dinebd website (www.dinebd.com) lists thousands of restaurants across Bangladesh. It has been called ‘Your one-stop search for restaurants’ in Bangladesh. Dinebd aims to provide reliable and accurate information. 

What Can You Get from Dinebd Listing? 

Dinebd has already listed thousands of restaurants on its website. The platform is designed and decorated with careful consideration, keeping in mind that the business growth and revenue must increase. The website is designed with many types of features- 

  1. A Business Profile Page: To give all the restaurant information to the customer. 
  2. Individual About: The Data Entry Specialist Expert Team has written the restaurant’s individual ‘About’ with detailed information after deep analysis.
  3. Photos: The pictures which have been included on the website are authentic.
  4. Menus: All the menus included on the website are up to date. The Data Entry Specialist Team is constantly observing the menu changes and adding them accordingly. 
  5. Customer Review & Rating: There is a section provided only for the customers. They can review their experiences. The Team observes the review if they are fake or real. So, the team verifies the reviews and then adds them to the website. 
  6. Table Reservations: The customers do not need to go or call to reserve their desired restaurants. Dinebd listing has the option of reservation included on the website. If you are looking for a family get-together or any other gatherings, the Dinebd website is here for your help with reservations. 

Dinebd Listing features will help the restaurant business to increase its visibility on searches. It will help them to reach out to potential customers. It will also help the customers to understand any restaurant’s facilities and services. 

Dinebd is aiming to be the No.1 online restaurant directory platform. It aims to provide a full range of advertising tools to suit all the restaurants in Bangladesh. If you are in the restaurant business and want to expand your business, do not hold back. Join Dinebd’s growing community. Dinebd’s working mechanism is very simple-  connect, work and grow. 

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