The Man with Many Title: Chef Vikas Khanna

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Personality & Interview

Traditional Khichuri hobe

Chef Vikas Khanna is an accomplished Indian chef who has made a significant contribution to the culinary world. Born on November 14, 1971, in Amritsar, India, Khanna has risen to become one of the most influential chefs in the world. His achievements in the culinary world have earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious Michelin Star.

Khanna developed an interest in cooking at a young age, watching his grandmother cook traditional Indian dishes. He pursued his passion for cooking and enrolled in the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration in Manipal, India. After completing his studies, he moved to the United States to further his culinary career.

Khanna has worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, including the prestigious Junoon in New York City. He has also been featured in numerous cooking shows, including MasterChef India and MasterChef Australia. Additionally, he has authored several cookbooks, including “Flavors First,” “My Great India Cookbook,” and “The Cuisine of Gandhi.”

One of Khanna’s most significant contributions to the culinary world is his work on food philanthropy. He has been involved in several initiatives to combat hunger and malnutrition, including the “Feed India” campaign, which aims to provide food to underprivileged families in India. Additionally, he has collaborated with several international organizations, including the World Bank, to address issues of food insecurity and malnutrition.

The Michelin Star

In 2012, Khanna was awarded a prestigious Michelin Star for his work at Junoon. This recognition cemented his place as one of the world’s leading chefs. He has since gone on to win numerous other awards, including the “Pride of India” award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to their field.

In addition to his culinary work, Khanna is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. He has directed several award-winning films, including “The Last Color,” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. The film highlights issues of gender discrimination and caste-based discrimination in India.

In conclusion, Chef Vikas Khanna is an accomplished chef, philanthropist, and filmmaker who has made a significant contribution to the culinary world. His work on food philanthropy and his dedication to combating hunger and malnutrition are admirable. His success in the culinary world, including his Michelin Star, is a testament to his talent and skill. Overall, Chef Vikas Khanna is an inspiration to aspiring chefs and those who seek to use their talent for the greater good.

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