World Health Day

by | Jan 15, 2023 | Health and Diet

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In the midst of a pandemic, a polluted planet increasing diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart disease on World Health Day 2022, WHO will focus global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being. While the COVID-19 pandemic showed us the healing power of science, it also highlighted the inequities in our world. The pandemic has revealed weaknesses in all areas of society and underlined the urgency of creating sustainable well-being societies committed to achieving equitable health now and for future generations without breaching ecological limits. The theme of World Health Day 2022 is “Health Promotion for Well-being, Equity and Sustainable Development.”

Health promotion is very essential for human beings. This relation should in no way be underestimated as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes have to a large extent the same origin: poor quality nutrition, sneaky and lethal because it makes people much more vulnerable. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), obese or overweight people have at least twice the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes, the so-called non-communicable diseases (NCDs). We need to follow some health tips for our human body, those are:

Healthy Diet:

Healthy food is essential for a healthy life. Daily eat a minimum of three healthy foods which will help you to maintain a healthy body. The majority of food consumption should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein rice food, healthy fats and much more. Good healthy food keeps your health well.

Sound Sleep:

Sleep plays a very important role in our overall well-being and is related to many diseases, including obesity and heart disease. Sound quality sleeping is highly important for people of all ages. If you face any problem sleeping every night, there are some solutions:

1)  Avoid drinking tea or coffee late in the day.

2)  Maintain your sleeping and wake-up times every day.

3)  Avoid artificial lighting and try to sleep in darkness.


Stress has a very negative impact on your health, such as weight gain and various diseases. There are some solutions for reducing stress such as exercise, morning walks, deep breathing techniques and meditation, etc. But if you can’t reduce stress by doing the same you should consider seeing a Psychologist.

The Required Attention to Mental Health:

When you consider your physical health for living a healthy diet you also should consider your mental health as well. Good mental health is also important for overall well-being. Mental health is equally important for the overall well-being of a good healthy diet. Don’t forget to take care of your Mental Health.


Exercise is very essential for physical well-being and mental health. Research has declared the benefits of exercise such as daily three times exercise helps to improve longevity and overall well-being. The American Heart Association announced 150 minutes of exercise each week. Exercise should be fun and you should enjoy the workout instead of feelings. Some physical fun exercises are Dancing, Yoga, Walking, and Hiking.

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